Mina Online School has been designed to present the highly structured educational content based on the pedagogical standards at Saadi Foundation for all those who are interested in learning Persian from around the world. Applicants who could not enroll in On-Campus courses, have the opportunity to take the Self-Paced online courses any time anywhere, then measure language learning progress including knowledge and skills. The content presented is based on the 320 hours On-Campus courses which consist of the educational materials for all the skills and components. The users, after logging in to the program, will take an online placement test, then will be guided to find the most appropriate lessons for their levels.

In Mina Online School, learners would strengthen their knowledge and perceptive skills. Further, they can do both diagnostic exercises, and productive speaking practices. Since the system is equipped with the voice recognition software engine, learners can not only repeat the sentences, and evaluate their pronunciation, but also have the possibility of taking different roles, play them, then finally evaluate their speech!

Main Features:

1-Learners are provided with the educational content for the four language skills (Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading) as well as the four components of language (Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Function).

Learners could….

2-use their preferred online lessons

3-download the audio files to do more practices and improve listening skills

4-record their voices, and evaluate their pronunciation

5-produce parts of speech, record voices and evaluate their speech

6-evaluate their language knowledge at the end of each lesson

7-have online tutoring sessions

8-take a placement test to start the preliminary stages of language learning