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Start Learning Today! Welcome to Mina Online School, the number one e-learning Persian Language (Farsi) platform With Mina You could... learn Persian Language (Farsi) at home improve all your Persian language skills
read and write in Persian easily
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Mina Online School offers you useful lessons in 5 levels. After taking a placement test, you will be placed in the most appropriate course fitting your level. Mina online school will provide you with the skills you need to be proficient in Persian Language and become prepared for AMFA (Persian Language Proficiency Test) certificate.

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?How does Mina Work

The first step to take is registering for the school. Next, you could check your language level through Mina’s placement test

!Now You could Start the Learning Path

You will be provided with the lessons designed for your own level and upper levels, which help you promote language knowledge and skills. Then, you have the chance to hire a teacher and attend the live classes to strengthen your abilities in Persian Language

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