At Mina Virtual School, you can evaluate your knowledge and skills of the Persian language, and choose the right level and course based on it.

Note that after choosing the right course for your level, you also have access to the previous lessons so that you can review and strengthen your knowledge and skills of Persian language. After taking the lesson firring your level, you can access the next lesson. We recommend that you take a live class after each lesson and strengthen your skills with a Persian-speaking teacher.

Take the following steps to take the placement test. You can also watch these steps by watching the video below.

Stages of taking the placement test:

  1. Take the placement test.
  2. Click on the end button. See the test result.
  3. Click on your level.
  4. Start the lessons fitting your level.

* Note1: You are not allowed to retake the test after seeing the result.

* Note1: Please answer all the questions.