After passing the palcement test, a level will be recommended. Follow these steps to take a lesson. You can also watch these steps by watching the video below.

1.     Choose your level and course.

2.     Select the first part of the lesson and start learning.

3.     The green headphone icon stands for activities that have an audio file and you have to play a role in them and record your voice.

4.     The yellow chat icon stands for activities in which you can select an object, character, or position and talk about it with Mina.

5.     Purple Headphone Icon stands for activities where you hear an audio file and do a comprehension check activity.

6.     The purple box icon stands for activities in which, based on an image or text, you are doing comprehension check activity.

7.     The key icon is related to grammar instruction videos.

8.     The tick icon stands for the final test.


*Note1: In the icon bar, each icon shows one type of activity.